XDC One-Click Installer

XDC One-Click Installer Set-Up

The XDC developer community has made it easy for new and existing users, even those with little or no technical expertise, to quickly set up a masternode with a simple, one-click installer.

Setting Up XDC One-Click Installer

  • Run the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Read the PUBLIC LICENSE properly and click on “I AGREE.”
  • Provide a path to create your destination folder.
  • Select the location where blockchain data is to be stored.
  • Now, your installation is complete.
  • Open the folder where you stored the XDC network files.
  • To access the application, start the XDC Network, see the node info, and the hosted masternode.
  • You can see your blocks syncing in your log file.
  • You can see your master node status at