XDC Network Stats

With Network Stats, users can easily browse through the nodes' history and obtain all the necessary data, including node name, type of node, latency, peers, transactions and last block generated.

Node Explorer provides information about nodes operating on the XDC network. The network status data and stats include information regarding average transaction rate, gas price, average block time, maximum block size, transactions per block, active nodes, last block, and best block.

XDC Network Stats showcases the detailed information of the network and nodes generated on the XDC blockchain. Representing all the useful network metrics to the users adds extra visibility and brings transparency to the XDC ecosystem. The users can access the Network Stats to get information about the on-chain nodes. The number of active nodes, geolocation of the nodes, a graph presenting the number of nodes created in the last seven days and all other relevant nodes information is crawled by the XDC Network Stats.

To showcase the speed and efficiency of the XDC blockchain, the Network Stats presents necessary network parameters to the users, including the best block, average block time, last block, gas price, average transaction rate and network’s uptime.

To see the network status data and stats, visit: https://xinfin.network/#stats

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