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Setting Up Your Token on the XDC Network

A Step-By-Step Guide To Issuing Your Token on the XDC Network

The days are gone when issuing your token on a network cost a small fortune. MyContract is a revolutionary platform that allows users to issue their tokens on the XDC network quickly and cost-efficiently.
DISCLAIMER: The XDC platform is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Therefore, XDC uses the ERC-20 smart contract template on the MyContract platform to issue new tokens on the XDC Network.
To deploy a new token on the XDC Network using MyContract, do the following:
Step 1: Visit the MyContract website to deploy the new token contract on the XDC Network.
Step 2: Log into the MyContract platform. New users can sign up using email, Facebook, Google, or Github.
Step 3: Users can check the number of packages purchased on their MyContract dashboard to deploy the token contract on the XDC network.
Step 4: After purchasing the package, users need to create the tokenization XRC-20 contract. Enter the right token details and click ‘Create’ to get your contract code in a few seconds.
Step 5: As soon as the contract code is generated, users will be able to automatically deploy the generated contract on the XDC network.
Step 6: The user will get three network options. Select XDC network to deploy the token contract.
Step 7: Now, the user can view the contract deployed on the XDC network.
Step 8: The user will get a transaction hash that can be used to check if the contract is deployed properly on the XDC network.
Link: (go to menu ”Contract” then ”Verify Contract” ).
Step 9: After successfully deploying the contract, you will receive a success email in your inbox stating that the smart contract has been deployed and a new token has been generated. You will also receive a copy of the code for your XRC20 token via email.

Tools to Access Newly Created Token

XDC offers you the ability to add your token via the mobile wallet:
Step 1: Install the app and save the private key (the only way to recover your token if you lose your mobile or uninstall the app).
Step 2: Go to Menu and select the option 'Add new token' to add your token.
Step 3: The web wallet (client-side interface for generating wallet) is also available at