XDC Voting dApp
With the XDC Voting dApp, the admin and the whitelisted voters can initiate proposals and cast their votes. The admin also holds the power to permit and revoke voting permissions.

What is the XDC Voting dApp?

XDC Voting dApp is XDC’s Governance Portal that permits the members of the XDC Network to take important decisions and keep intact the credibility of the XDC blockchain. The application enables users to create proposals and supports on-chain voting. Using Voting dApp, the XDC platform aims to bring transparency and provide fair voting rights to all the network participants.
XDC Voting dApp can be used by the decentralized XDC community on two levels as mentioned below:
  • XDC Admin Using the voting dApp, the XDC Admin can vote, make proposals, add and eliminate to alter the group of whitelisted voters.
  • Whitelisted Voters/ Masternode Voters Voters on XDC can make a proposal and cast their votes as per the proposals.

What Integrations does the XDC Voting dApp have?

The XDC Voting dApp is embedded with two fundamental integrations:
  • XDC Blockchain XDC blockchain, an enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain with delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus, has a testnet called Apothem Network. XDC Voting dApp is integrated with Apothem network to foster data management and support.
  • XDCPay The Chrome browser wallet extension, XDCPay, connects the wallet to the XDC dApp and allows you to access the application on your browser.

What are the features of the XDC Voting dApp?

The XDC Voting dApp will have the following features:
  • Dashboard The voting dApp dashboard enables users to connect their accounts via XDCPay chrome extension. Users will be able to create and add new proposals by providing all the required details and can also view the already created proposals and filter the search for new and top proposals.
  • Proposal Details Proposal details on the voting dApp will constitute date, time, status (open or close), proposal document, proposal creator’s name and the proposal progress.
  • Proposal Document The proposal document contains the title, description, team information and funding data. Users can also share a document, like or dislike the proposal and add comments.

XDC Voting dApp Smart Contract

To maintain integrity and transparency among the XDC community, the voting dApp requires precise terms and conditions to create proposals with equal voting rights on-chain. The XDC Voting dApp smart contracts have preset terms governing decision-making and voting.
Two fundamental smart contracts that contribute to the XDC Voting dApp are:
DAO Smart Contract DAO smart contract stands for Decentralized Autonomous Smart Contract. It contains white-labeled addresses along with the mapping of submitted proposals. DAO smart contract also helps admin to create proposals and automate decision-making.
Proposal Smart Contract Proposal smart contract has the following three components:
  • Proposal Struct The Proposal Struct contains the name, description, address of the proposal submitter, end date, the status of the proposal and the file URL.
  • VoteStruct The VoteStruct contains the address of the voter and the specific voting time.
  • Vote Mapping Vote mapping contains the key for voting, address value for voting and the complete VoteStruct.
The XDC Voting dApp will improve the dynamics of decision making, proposal creation and voting for the decentralized XDC community. Every XDC member participating in the voting through this application gets equal voting rights and extensive opportunities to express their views.
The application also uplifts credibility by allowing better decision-making and improving network integrity. XDC voting dApp will maintain, initiate and monitor the on-chain voting and proposal creation.
With such an extensive governance portal, XDC targets to maintain transparency where the admin can vote, add and eliminate any whitelisted voters as per the network’s need.
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