XDC Speed Test
The XDC Network aims to establish better transparency with its user base by providing them a decentralized tool for viewing and tracking the speed of the XDC Network.
The Speed Test dApp is innovated with the similar notion of increasing the network's enterprise-grade uses. The Speed Test tool reflects XDC's node transaction pace and assists the various enterprises in analyzing the competency of the XDC network via clear public metrics.
The two fundamental functionalities of the Speed Test dApp are:
The Twitter API locates the tweets that match the best twenty hashtags and saves them on XDC's testnest connected to the Blockchain called Devnet.
Using the Speed Test dApp, users can archive any tweet via its respective link. Archiving the tweet helps eliminate fake tweets spread and initiate legal actions against those spreading them even after the tweets are removed from Twitter.
Twitter API captures the tweets mapping to the top twenty trending hashtags and stores them on the testnet (Devnet) connected to the blockchain.
Archiving is another functionality of the XDC Speed Test dApp, enabling users to archive a tweet using the tweet link. Under the hood, the archived tweets also help stop fake news by letting the users take legal actions against tweets spreading wrong information, even if the tweet gets deleted from Twitter.

Features of XDC Speed Test dApp

XDC Speed Test dApp implements various microservices and web sockets for interactive features like capturing geolocation of the active nodes and saving and reading speed.
Saving Speed
Tweets saved per second track the rate of record keeping.
Reading Speed
Tweets read per second track the rate of record keeping.
Saved Tweets
The number of tweets saved in the dApp.
Read Tweets
The number of tweets read by the dApp.
Top Trending
The tweets mapped to the top twenty trending hashtags from Twitter are saved on the XDC blockchain.
Current Max TPS
Current Max TPS shows the speed of current and maximum transactions completed on the network.
XDC Speed Test enables you to search your tweets even if they are deleted on the Twitter platform.
Tweet Archive
Archive your tweets and retrieve them on the XDC network.

System Components

The main system components of the XDC Speed Test dApp are:
  • Users can enter the tweet URL on the web portal that they want to archive.
  • View calendar containing the archived tweets.
  • Select the highlighted dates that contain the archived tweets.
  • View archived tweets node's link.
  • Open link to view the tweet archived in the chain.
  • Read tweets from the XDC node.
  • Search for tweets with trending hashtags.
  • Count and display the tweet on successful search results.
  • Display the metric in graphical representation.
  • Archive: Archive the tweet for the submitted URL.
  • Archive Tweet View: Retrieve the selected archived tweet from the blockchain node.
With Speed Test dApp, XDC will potentially increase its credibility and relevance for the enterprises building applications on the XDC blockchain. This multifunctional dApp demonstrates the efficiency and performance of the XDC blockchain and aims to maintain transparency among all users.
Through Speed Test dApp, XDC Network also contributes to making the world better-informed by stopping the dissemination of fake news. Users will not only get a permanent safe place for their archived tweets but also have a chance to take any legal actions for the saved links.
XDC Speed Test explains the value of building applications on its blockchain network. With this tool, the XDC foundation proudly represents its network’s performance and invites global enterprises to build and integrate with the robust XDC blockchain network.
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